It is about the journey. How you make others feel. How you activate when things change and the opportunity presents itself. It’s about the future you create.

I have changed my approach in 2020. I am open to opportunities like never before. Just when many are resigned to the environment we are in; I am pushing for more. That is why pieraldi.com is changing.

Focused on the journey, I want to capture where I am and where I am going. Documenting the drive to start something and develop success. Creating an audience around discovery and participation while building a security practice.

Pieraldi.com will focus on starting something new and the steps it takes to do that. My previous musings will remain on this blog for posterity. New posts will focus on my journey—a journey to focus on you, the entrepreneur. Educating at U.C. Berkeley has always been rewarding, but being in the field is fulfilling. It’s more valuable to capture the process in real-time than in post-production. Feeding the audience defined as people who are self-starters and survivors. People who want to start, or restart, something.

Age should not be a limit. Young, old, or simply lost in the middle, there is something magical about starting a thing. Getting your hands dirty and creating. I struggled with creating a broad and diverse audience in the past, mainly because I was attempting to educate from a distant experience. The who what and where of musing on personal achievements while generating new ideas just did not sync up. Now I want to ensure I am speaking to the right audience in a way that makes sense to all of us.

This site will explore the process around startup activity happening now. It will focus on my Sicura.us project. Sicura will be a focus on culture and security while this audience will watch it develop.

It’s a new approach for me, and possibly unique in the market. I hope so. Look for more directed and focused content daily, like a journal of sorts. I hope you find it useful and insightful.

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