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The Acronym Alliance posts Cyan alert

The Alliance has determined a pervasive and increasing threat.  Individuals are moving around and creating a prime security threat.  This ongoing behavior is causing us to expend precious resources tracking and predictioning simulations.  We have been forced to issue this Cyan alert to inform the public and inspire self reactive response in the populace.  In this report to congress, we […]

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The other day I posted this snippet about Uberholes.  While that was tongue in cheek, it had a note of reality in it.  Watch out for Amazon and others jumping into the field was my sarcastic point.  And so it’s happened.  Amazon Said To Start Selling Babysitting And Other Home Services Later This Year. “The […]

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Is this sexist?

To Quote the Country Bears: Beary Barrington: What’s that? Big Al: That there’s a sign. “Men Working”.  Clearly this pictures was taken near a construction site in San Francisco today.  It suddenly struck me.  When are we politically correct enough?  In short, when will this read; “People Working”. Will there be a person who sues […]

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Make Morocco – a challenge

My recent trip to Morocco gave me great inspiration. Connecting those ideas to action is always a challenge. Given the audience I had, I decided to create this slide show on what challenges could inspire entrepreneurship and create new opportunity.  Using The Berkeley Method, I see great partnership opportunities. Make morocco from Stephen Pieraldi There […]

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Differentiation by defamation must stop

Differentiation by defamation has to stop.  Replace it with Differentiation through discovery. Tell a story of yourself, not others.  Your audience will deduce what your value is to them.  Marketing is a 50/50 game.  Half of the message you control, the other half is in the mind of your audience.  Why complicate your mission by […]

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