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A valuable lesson in “innovation”

New Broadcom SDK makes integrating Apple’s AirPlay easier for OEMs AirTunes was originally released on June 7, 2004 The enhancements to the AirTunes technology and the subsequent name change to AirPlay were announced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the iPod event on September 1, 2010, and explained thus: “Now, what is AirPlay? You know what AirTunes […]

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U.C. Berkeley Tops List – Sweetch

I ran across this interesting article yesterday:  Looking to hire the most ambitious grads? Here are the campuses you should be targeting, according to a surprising new ranking. I was pleased to see  this “According to ViewsOnYou’s numbers it’s time to look past the tie-dye and rethink Berkeley. Apparently, hiding behind the counter-culture pedigree are […]

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Ok Glass

“Ok Glass” is a most effective social linguistic tool.  Oz the Great and Powerful never had it so good!  Here are the steps to unintended power! Step 1: Put on Google Glass (or a fake pair) Step 2: Say: “Ok Glass” Step 3: Watch people freak out! It’s a little known social effect today but I am […]

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Impact Culture

Impacting with others in the greater bay area creates free radicals. Encounters happen when you least expect it and the impact can be profound.  Growing up in San Francisco / Silicon Valley instills a very basic instinct to survive.  Different than our traditional view of man vs. wild.   This is an entrepreneurial culture.  This […]

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Man vs Machine

Another man vs machine saga is making the rounds on the Internet.  These stories power fanciful dreams and nightmares in our popular culture.  They resonate with Dystopian circles and power an entrainment industry.  Movies, books, and even technology acquisition stories frame headlines with fearful images of computers ruling mankind, or at least peering into our privacy […]

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