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Problem or Opportunity

Today, is a special day.  I was asked to changed my previous lecture, which is all prepared and ready to go from last year.  A new format is presented. Problem or Opportunity? I’ll take opportunity.  Starting today, I am going to document the process of hearing a problem and creating an opportunity.  I will be […]

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Kanga Kare wins, again!

What great things come from challenge courses at Berkeley?  I spoke about Sweetch in my previous post and now I can talk about Kanga Kare and the wonderful IncuPack.  Lead by Ken Sandy, VP Product, this group really took charge and lead the pack winning our compitition for social entreprenureship last year.  How luck we are […]

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Sweetch Personal Parking made simple

Sweetch came to UC Berkeley from Ecole Polytechnique in France.  They had an idea to managed parking through big data.  After some soul searching, work, and lean business practice they developed Sweetch.  Educated by the remarkable Bruno Martinaud, they came so well prepared for our industry challenge, the rest is becoming history. You can check out […]

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An Entrepreneur is the captain and the company his ship

When asked, “What news from the sea?” The fish replied “I have a lot to say, but my mouth is full of water.” Entrepreneur.  The word is from the French. Its definition: to undertake. Undertake what?  A journey.  A journey from vision to destination.  A journey filled with passion. Entrepreneurship is essential to the journey. […]

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Entrepreneurship tool tip

Only build things that directly feed your core revenue stream(s).  Here is how you cook it up. Why is google changing the way we build businesses?  Core competency exploitation.  The key ingredients. First, get a money tree, which they wisely built first.  You have to find yours, you can mature into more than one. Decide […]

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