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Stephen Pieraldi is a seasoned business leader.   An entrepreneur whose career has spanned a broad range of industries including cyber-security, internet technologies, healthcare, architecture, construction, production level manufacturing, and online/offline gaming.

Computer science/security has been the core of Stephens success. Enterprise level business development and product marketing have propelled his career far beyond technology.

Stephen has worked in Fortune 500 companies, venture backed and privately funded start-ups, family owned businesses and venture capital. Stephen has raised millions of dollars in operating capital and taken a company from seed to IPO.

Stephen began his career as a programmer with Farinon Electric, which was later acquired by the Harris Corporation.  Stephen started with the PDP-11 in 1976 which was a series of 16-bit minicomputers sold by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) from 1970 into the 1990s

With a passion for gaming, Stephen turned his hobby into a great opportunity. The Tuesday Night Group started as a group of friends meeting once a week to do what they loved,  They turned it into the very successful Hero Games.  Steve, George and the others allowed for many great adventures in a new industry.  In conjunction with Mike Parkin, we started Beresford Game Group when we were 15, and it ran on for a few years after life had taken both of us in different directions. It was the most successful program in the park and rec. department, 10 years or so total. A handful of guys in one small room at the start, to the entire North wing of the rec. center at our peak.

He worked his way up through the ranks from draftsman to partner at Dunlap Design & Construction, a privately held residential construction business. Utilizing his roots in programming and design, he introduced AutoCAD technology to the company. He spent time working in the field and in the permitting process and finally in sales and in partnership with the owner. During this time, the business grew to 250 new construction and remodel projects a year.

Working with hospitals and doctors to locate, place and build facilities and custom diagnostic equipment, at Siemens Medical Systems, Stephen managed the installations of hundreds of Cath Labs, MRI, CT and Liner Accelerator projects worldwide.

At Michigan City Paper Box Company, Stephen ran production level operations and brought new technologies into the 110 year old packaging manufacturing company.

With his deep experience in healthcare, at Open MRI Image Enhancement Systems, Stephen was responsible for creating and launching new imaging technologies. The sale of Open MRI to GE lead to the creation of Image Enhancement Systems, which remains an ongoing concern.

Focusing on strategic planning, research and development and core network technologies, he built Neoforma from five to 350 employees and complete a successful IPO.

Utilizing his technology expertise, at CareThere, Stephen refined existing processes and introduced a leading-edge data management system to drastically reduce costs and expedite the time to market process. This resulted in the first XML publishing system and was sold to J&J.

As Entrepreneur in Residence with Gabriel Venture Partners, Stephen advised on new technology deals for the Gabriel portfolio. Out of this program, iForem was founded.

iForem as secure model of DropBox for enterprises, before there was Dropbox.  Banking and Escrow companies were clients generating millions in revenue.  After securing multiple rounds of funding for iForem and negotiating the acquisition of iModa, Stephen managed the technology merger between the two companies post-acquisition.

Stephen when on to TotalPhase helping transition the founders into a board of directors and empowering a new CEO to take over in 1 year.  Further product managed / developed a new product concept that is now helping the company grow at 25% annually.

Stephen then created a behavioral analytics solution for  Sideband Networks.  This innovation was designed to help cybersecurity clients defeat zero day attacks, learn the difference between machine and human accounts, while monitoring a dynamic seasonality baseline.

Stephen is an active Capstone Entrepreneur Advisor and CET Industry Fellow at U.C Berkeley, California,  Currently active in a large variety of advisory roles from social parking to Big Data, the fun never stops.

In addition to the above, Stephen served on Ships in the Sea Explorers, is certified as a Sous Chef, operates Ham Radios KD6ZDS, is an accomplished Rescue Scuba Diver with +350 dives,  Races cars, rides Motorcycles, and still plays RPG games as time permits.

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