2020 turning one

We are all 2020 in hindsight. The good, the bad, and fights for which we stand. Electing change over chaos, liberty over masks, and party over people. I am grateful to be a part of history.

The United States has never been so united in being divided. Founders gave us the power to choose our fate; every four years. Split by the Two-Party system, we stand in two equal majorities with an apathetic minority of non-voters. Two tribes divided on unification for fear of extinction.

Yet we live! 2021 will bring us an opportunity to have 2020 hindsight. Still too soon, but never too late. Chaos is a fortune for the opportunist, while peace is a dream devoid of profit. We are choosing which path to follow on our road to national maturity. The USA can’t change its leadership role globally, but it can change how effective it is.

It’s time to educate ourselves on self-governance. From landed voting of our forefathers to our electorate’s grounded votes, this system needs to change for the better. Our Founders understood the risks of mob rules and multi-party parliament deadlocks when creating our unique democracy.

So why do we feel so broken? Because we are learning. Maturity and wisdom evolve. We are a young superpower on the world stage, learning to take our place in a confusing and variable world vision.

2021 brings the hope of relief and recovery from more than one pandemic. While a vaccination will cure one, only education can heal the other. I am more confident today we can overcome our ills and leadership in the world—a force for good even when menacing.

Bring us wellness, unity, and peace. Honor the founders of this great nation by keeping their promise alive. A nation divided in practice but unified in principle. A country that fights for its identity every four years for generations of leadership in the world. Too soon? Never.

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