Mr. Cybers’ Hood

Security is a false premise


Complicated by context

Simplified by inaction

A philosophy in practice

Above all it’s a journey that unfolds over time

Architecture is more than the sum of it’s parts. It’s a vision. A context. Execution.

There is no:

Perfect fit

Perfect model

There are only best practices traversing an ever changing landscape.

Reading this series is part of a desire to do well. Another voice to inform you on this journey.

Mr. Cyber says:

Know what is important and protect it with culture.

Assign one person ownership. Preferably not yourself.

Establish checks and balances.

Understand and educate others with empathy an a vision in mind.

What you secure today will be released in time. Understand the value of time and act accordingly and proportionally.

Mr. Cyber says:

Tools, vendors, and trust are not an Architecture.

A security culture must be justified in a business context. A vision and architecture that stands on it’s own. What is important? In what time frame? In what context, and to which roles?

A plan should be obvious and actionable. Classify some aspects as aspirational when required. If a risk is mitigated, it’s a solution.

A company is a complex community motivated to task when directed. Creating a community takes understanding.

Broker mutual motivation and validate through checks and balances

Mr. Cybers says:

Telephone Hacking is a social engineering crime. Afraid? Don’t be. There is a simple fix. Never let strangers drive you to a website alone. That’s it, kids! Apple, Microsoft, IRS, and most importantly, your bank will never call you. Period. It costs them too much! Don’t be a bad kid and do what they say. Ok?

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