Microsoft has rooted Android

Let’s face it, Microsoft rooted Android and turning it into the most successful mobile strategy they have ever had.  How do I support this bold blame.  First, follow the money!

Android accounts for a serious bonus to the bottom line:  And it will only grow.msft-rev-est-android-50pct-736x449


Applications are being implanted into Android in exchange for protection and reduced fee’s.  “The new partnerships were announced after Microsoft and Samsung settled an ongoing legal dispute in early February over patent royalty payments.” 

Don’t trust me, look at a recent TechRadar post:  Microsoft wants to convert your Android Phone to Windows 10.  And they will.  They have announced no less than 20 partners installing core applications and services in the last 6 months.  LG, Sony just to name a few.

Window’s for all its prowess, will give way to the application business.  Microsoft is already serving it’s notice to the Windows OS.  It will integrate services through a web of application proxies leaving the enterprise to again drive user adoption.  Or will it?  Hard to determine if Microsoft has the power it once did in the format wars.  Now they will have to compete on services and security that support application functionality.  It’s a tedious and rather ambitious strategy, starting in mobile.

Let’s face it, Android is rooted and not like anyone ever expected.  It came through business and legal roots.  And no matter what, you will never be able to uninstall that bloatware.

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