Camera’s everywhere! The age of DropCam and dropping dead.

There are exactly 2 reasons to install this fantastic product in a home.

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Visual confirmation

There are exactly 2 reasons to be leery of this fantastic product in a home.

  1. Witnessing a tragic event
  2. Visual confirmation

Nanny cams have brought us the age of comfort and security for our children. DropCam and the like give us security and peace of mind for the elderly.

But, have we considered the reality of catching the last moments of life in realtime? As the world progress to body cameras on police, cameras in hands of mobs, and cameras in our homes, do we really know how to handle the moment something shocks us?

What to do when someone drops dead on DropCam?

Stories about a persons fatal last moments on a phone call are all over the Internet. Some think it urban legend while operators on 911 live with the reality every day. As we democratize our access to information and visual confirmation, are we all truly prepared for the reality of being exposed to these moments in realtime?

It’s not that we can stop the age of transparency, we can’t. You will do it out of ease or need one day. You will be subjected to it from someone else at some-point. It’s only a matter of time.

So, in the age of DropCam, what will you do when you catch the final moments of life? Will you be shocked, stunned, in denial, or keep the recording for posterity? The questions are just starting to catch up with reality. What’s your answer going to be?

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