Call for Whatchamacallit!

Dear religious fanatics of all kinds,

I am personally and morally offended with any representations of religious figures or figurines in public.  Period. As a secularist I demand a Whatchamacallit! We need our own movement to stop being oppressed by oppressors. A Whatchamacallit is our moral proclamation of war against those who bombard us with religious fanatical extremism.   I call this Whatchamacallit in the name of peace.

All Secularists are to follow this Whatchamacallit in preserving our right to ignore your arbitrary and capricious attempts to rule the world through holy war.   The rule of LAW outside of religion is the law we follow.  Laws people create, not disembodied manifestations of the collective conscious in faith.  This Whatchamacallit is an Un-Holy war against Holy wars.

In the name of all things Secular.  Stop declaring holy wars.  It’s not what any of your founders wanted.  They ALL wanted peace.  In the name of Whatchamacallit, stop it!

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