The state of Internet comments in a nutshell

I have done an “exhaustive” study of the Internet and product reviews. Here are my key findings captured in comment quotes:

1) “Can’t wait to get one!”
2) “This rocks, other product “X” sucks”
3) “Costs too much”
4) “You’re a fanboy, nooo… you’re a bigger fan boy”
5) “Its simple… (insert senseless technical and detailed info here)”
6) “Don’t listen to this person, they have a typo in the post….”
7) It’s Robert Scoble or Chris Voss fault… or they are in the pocket of “X”
8) If it can’t be rooted – Open sourced – controlled by an elite programmer, it’s useless for consumers… don’t buy it. (Mind you most consumers can’t operate a lightbulb correctly)
9) Improve your life by selling things at home on your own time. My Aunt did it and made Bazillions
And now my favorite of the list
10) Anyone who acts like they have a PHD in the subject matter. “Embedded Redundant AI safety computer”…. seriously!?

This taken from the recent Virgin Galactic comments:

“This report shows that the technology works when used properly, and what happens when not properly used. For this type of vehicle, there needs to be technology that acts as an embedded redundant AI safety computer, which would have prevented the mis-configuration of the tail section at below Mach 1.4. It seems that the plane was full manual, but I am sure that there was fly-by-wire technology operating the plane.
This report also shows the weaknesses and limitations of the design, that will have to be re-designed to be stronger and not “break-apart” – but where the tail section can “break-away” from the plane as a fail-safe, and the plane can deploy an air-foil parachute, with an alteration to the plane’s overall design to a body-lift configuration, so that when the tail section breaks away, the plane can still generate lift and glide down to earth with the air-foil providing extra lift and also acting as a rudder.”


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