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I just created this page on Sucker Marketing though Facebook.  It’s a sad reality that my satire is now the top post on my site.  In less than 10 minutes.  What does that say about us and our current social media problems?

It says that we don’t understand how very limiting this will become.  When our world views are tailored to us just like Television, of which we complained about.  When the internet came, we rejoiced.  Now, we are balkanizing ourselves by our own biased views while conversely searching for who we are.

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Social Quizes are just another form of marketing.  It’s our fault for letting them grow.  What we fail to appreciate is how very dangerous this is.  As we share more of our personal preferences, the more systems will offer what we like.  In other words, a perfect cone of silence.  A bubble so finely tuned by our sharing, we start to think it’s who and what we are.  More over, what we want.

How upset would we be if a terrorist organization took over one of these marketing companies and secretly inserted subtle propaganda?  Taking all your personality traits and tailoring your experience into an ever closer circle of acceptance.  Everywhere you go on and off line showing you the latest fashions and news, with a slight twist?  Products that reflect your new desires, all in the same day and low cost.

You would be angry.  The world would be up in arms!  Oh wait.  It’s already happened.  You just don’t know it, because you don’t get that news.  Aligned to political party?  Here is your relevant news.  Religious?  Here is the latest enlightenment.  Want to know what’s happening in your favorite town, no problem, we already anticipated that.  Here is the catch.  They know how long you view anything, if if they fill it up with what they want you to read, you won’t know the difference.

There is a world outside of the one you are presented with.  It’s a function of your attention span and powerful interest pushing content to fill it. The Koch Family and Rupert Murdoch know this.  The NSA knows this.  How long do you think it will be until a foreign power or terrorist group use money for this instead of weapons?  You don’t even know to ask.  It’s already happening online, soon it will be your environment.

In the Rain Forest.  Try going to this Zip line experience.  It’s run by people who like what you like.  In Venice, don’t go down that street, there is an undesirable monument there.  Going to a restaurant, that’s not as good a choice based on your friends preferences.  Next time we won’t even show it in the list as not to confuse you.

What happens when you online and you can’t see content because you are restricted by your preferences?  Ask about a recent conflict and you are given only the side you and your social network are inclined to favor?  Try and find the other point of view, and you are channeled to the least offensive content?

As I said before, what happens when that is your world?  I suspect you find your self going in circles, just like you are online today.  The Age of Context is upon us.  You just better know what context you want to be in.

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