The Acronym Alliance posts Cyan alert

The Alliance has determined a pervasive and increasing threat.  Individuals are moving around and creating a prime security threat.  This ongoing behavior is causing us to expend precious resources tracking and predictioning simulations.  We have been forced to issue this Cyan alert to inform the public and inspire self reactive response in the populace.  In this report to congress, we shall outline this obvious and dangerous activity in some detail. We will submit evidence recorded on every possible network and country.  Our study is conclusive.  Moving about is a risk we can not mitigate through abstraction and simple tracking and prediction is not enough to meet this threat.

Our proposed remedy shall be to enable new technologies that empower individuals to work at home and remain productive.  This should be deployed more quickly than the previous plans to reduce this Cyan alert while increasing economic prosperity and compliance.  Alters are only so effective.  The amber alert system has proven fatigue is counter productive and the population does not notice when they are removed from service.

A short history on our mandate.  The Acronym Alliance, a new US agency, is tasked to coordinate all agencies under one technology threat model.  This coordination agency has one clear message:

“All movement is a risk.  Enabling technologies that create more idle time are threat vector enhancements”

While great strides have been made in tracking each and every individual, new technologies are freeing up more and more individuals from productive duties.  These freedoms, such as driving automation,  are enabling criminals to plan, execute, and evade capture by having more time on their hands.  More so when in transit.  In a recent FBI report, self driving cars are lethal empowerment technologies.  SEE report.

Programs that have been funded to track normal cars, such as Metromile, are a radical success unknowingly adopted by the insurance industry.  Driving individuals are a proactive individuals that enable predictive tracking methodologies while keeping the same engaged.  This is a good productive and busy model.  Reporting the smallest of movement coordinated prediction technology,  Our big data links onboard navigation and road monitors into a solid fabric.

Through our new program, Strategic Tracking Defense (STD), we are penetrating even the most difficult targets.  This is a costly and dangerous arms race The Alliance sees as unsustainable.  More automation will create more idle time and raise the risk profile.  We have only had limited success in creating events that hold an individuals interest for more than 2.5 hours.  Disney parks are the exception.  A radical example of fanatical and obsessive individual resource pooling.  People can stay in one location for days if not weeks.  Walt Disney was correct in designing these examples through the DOD.  The  Barney Oldfield Cars project was actually a more sustainable model.  Semi-automated driving accomplished both goals.

It is with this backdrop The Alliance is now aggressively funding key initiatives.  Without the knowledge of our “partners” such as Nest, ATT, and BlackBerry, we are creating a two prong approach.

  • maponicsFirst: Empower more home automation creating Geo-Cell Fences.  These integrated services will act like a virtual Cell enabling 24 hour surveillance of all personal in the United States.
  • work-from-homeSecond: Empower more work at home employees by extending the enterprise through orchestrated partnerships like Apple and IBM.  This secure channel will empower us to track who is working and home and incentives them to stay there longer.


It is only with these active programs we can reduce the amount of free travel and costly tracking in the USA.  Additionally, we will be able to more completely track illegal immigrants and terrorist cells.  They will be the only moving targets after all.

There is one risk, the pervasive need for human contact.  We are currently working an a desensitization experiment through our partner Facebook and Oculus VR™.  This is a DARPA funded, public/private partnership, managed by the
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. that may someday replace this risky behavior into a stay at home entertainment model.  This will have the added benefit of reducing socially transmitted illness.  

We have posted this on a few blogs, such as, for the required public notice period.  As no one will visit this site and others, the spirit of the law is complete.  The committee will be briefed in private on the bulk of this report for the standard disclosure obscurity.  Any questions can be posted anywhere you like and we will respond as we deem necessary. 


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