Share with control, and why Facebook failed

In short, it’s time to admit defeat!

Sharing, everything, is simply the wrong strategy.  What Facebook, and others, have shown us, is that we are sharing creatures.  We just want to share on our own terms in our own way.  That is painfully obvious today, but not when the “open and transparent” model was built, so Facebook gets a pass there.  What is still painfully obscured is the real reason social networks fatigue and break.

No one wants to see your personal journey in all it’s boring detail.  Not even advertisers who choke on the bulk data from such sites.

So what is needed?  A new network revenue model based on a rather simple concept.

Advertise to me on what I want.  How you figure that out should be for me to opt into or I pay to opt out.  Build features that make me want to stay connected.


Allow me to select, in a clear and informed manner, who I am sharing what with.  Like I do with SMS and SMS groups on steroids.

What’s ironic, is Google Plus sort of did that with circles.  What is missing is the absolute clarity of my sharing and how it looks to me.  This raises my last point.

Visualization UI/UX could go a long way to addressing this issue.  Making the data 100% available to end users powered by a visual diagram showing exactly who I shared what with, and who viewed each posting would be ideal for those who wish to look.  Example: Shared topic/image/video/etc – Me > You with “n” having seen it.  Or Me > You > list of topics viewed; click more to see “n” views

It’s really that simple.  I wish Google had that built such clarity into their system, but it’s always hard to balance keen visual aids and data.  It’s impossible if the networks goal is to obscure the power of your content in the network and having fine grain controls over opting out.  That is why we need a new revenue model for this business model.

Let’s face it.  Facebook failed in it’s ambitions and is now trying to put the horse back in the barn.  The recent changes to its Instagram policy show that.

In a blog post, Facebook explained that it will unroll a “Privacy checkup” in coming days that will use simple graphics to explain to users who sees the information they post.

So, why write this today?  Simple.  I want someone to build a new network that does just this.  Give me a clear and present view into who shared what in a threaded view.  Network maps by topic would also be great.  It must have who has viewed the content as well.  This will take a completely new revenue model from the ground up.  Then, and only then, can a new business model be crafted for delivery to customers.  If one of these people can’t figure this out…

Board of Directors

Mark Zuckerberg , Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sheryl Sandberg , Chief Operating Officer

Marc Andreessen

Erskine B. Bowles

Susan Desmond-Hellmann

Donald E. Graham

Reed Hastings

Peter A. Thiel

Maybe we should all just email them like we do Congress and get them to do it.


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