A Bit of A7R Sanity: Rising Above the Trash Talk and Fanboy-ism with Actual Facts

A Bit of A7R Sanity: Rising Above the Trash Talk and Fanboy-ism with Actual Facts

My current indulgence is the Sony A7R.  Given that, I want to give a solid shout out to the Facebook Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlphaA7/  Super people and advice.  This blog posts great information that is objectively balanced.   Let me restate what I posted recently in a comment.  Enough dependent clauses in that one for you?

Agreed, Overrated issue. Every tool has it’s issues. You can look at my wall with some experimental shots taken yesterday. All hand held, all with Nikon glass, it’s unforgiving but not impossible. IMHO, don’t shoot auto, tune in the shot with enough shutter speed and Iso to make your shot when hand held. In the OLD days, we had a light meter that was a stick on the side with shutter action that felt like a tank. The rules for the magic triangle helped overcome the challenging hardware as much the light. Blast my pictures for not being Tack Sharp or Bokeh marvelous, it’s really about the composition anyway. Right?

It’s not the tool but the human.  I love the Sony.  It’s reignited my passion for taking pictures.  That is worth the price of admission for me.  Nikon used to do that, but for now, it’s Sony.  Practice the real shooting skills and the tools will be just like a screwdriver.  Slotted for some and philips for others.  Don’t let that deter you from capturing the vision you have.  I keep my D200 with my A7R and a hobby mentality alive.  Go forth and Shoot… photos.

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