Is this sexist?

To Quote the Country Bears:

Beary Barrington: What’s that?

Big Al: That there’s a sign.

“Men Working”.  Clearly this pictures was taken near a construction site in San Francisco today.  It suddenly struck me.  When are we politically correct enough?  In short, when will this read; “People Working”.

Will there be a person who sues in court for equality banning all manner of signage from this sexist regime?  I am positive there are skilled and well qualified women working on this construction site.  Why are they not represented on all signage?  Does this stereotype discourage women from entering the mens working zone?  What if it were a majority of women working on the site?  Such as in teaching or medicine where the majority of workers are women.  Would the sign “Woman working” strike fear into the hearts of men?

There is more than the empowerment of a minority class at play here.  If all things were equal, and then reparations paid, would we find it necessary to order a due time of reversed order and control in society?  Is that a workable model of society?  It’s been hard in other countries who have reversed a prevailing social order and control system.  That has proven less than successful in many cases.  Self determination and self empowerment requires affirmation and support to get there, that is of little doubt, but what is most effective in the age of political correctness?  New signs for everyone?

Leaning in is great for women and society.  The constant measurements of equality and representations are laudable, if not deafening at times.  The real issue is how to change hearts and minds in the pursuit of equality.  After all, we all end up in the same bed one day.  Sharing duties, working to common goals, and trying to decide who feeds the baby and who gets on the roof to make repairs in a storm.  Work, for all it’s balance and equality, will not address this fundamental shift in our true balance at home and work.  Love and war.  Majority and minority.

Men working, Women working, Persons working.  It’s all a warning sign to the workplace of our future.  We have to encourage balance, and I think it’s truly for the better, but we can’t shame our way into it and expect the ruling overlords of men to lay down the arms of history and submit to a new regime overnight.  Lean in all you want, but don’t push to hard or all this good work will have a terrible push back.  We, and I speak for all the men I work with, want women in roles of power, at least me and my friends do.  We respect and appreciate women, as well as other minority classes, a great deal.  The perspective and value is immeasurable.  I just hope the desire to be politically correct is a sign of building progress, not of danger ahead.

I rarely write or comment so directly on issues like this, but I would encourage all people, men and women, to comment on this as well.  It’s the only way to start a dialog.  Being silent is apathetic, and that is the last thing this world needs, from anyone.

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