IoT to Big Data, it’s a river and flood

The world is changing more and more every day.  Trying to explain “IoT”, the internet of things, and “Big Data”, is huge challenge.  I speak on this topic and participate in the debates often.  I can say one thing.  No one has a solid executive sales pitch.

This much is clear.

  • IoT will allow machines to communicate like humans do over the Internet
  • Big Data will be the place all the information is stored, processed or cleared
  • We are at the very tip of an iceberg
  • We only have the faintest clue how vast this impact will be on everything we do and are as human beings

I created this slide deck expressing my view on how to assess and measure IoT and big data.   The major statement I wish to make is that autonomous conversion is a future we have to plan for.  I hope this will give you some insight and tools to create value in market.

Also, wonder how BIg IoT will be?  Check out this site for more info:


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