Adios Windows XP

Is this just clever marketing to force Windows 8.1 upgrades?  Why do I say this?

Log into your bank, as I did today, and find this message across the top of your screen.

“Special Notice
Notice to Windows XP customers, the Operating System (OS) on your computer is out of date. For your overall security and protection, we recommend you update to a more recent Operating System. View a list of up to date Browsers and Operating Systems.”

Couple of things come to mind.

  1. Where is the correctly functioning browser detect?  In other screens they know I am on a Mac with OSX.  Why present this lazy and generic message to confuse the average user?
  2. Why is the list they provide so screwed up?

What browser and operating system do I need to use for this “Bank”?

For the best online experience, here’s what we suggest*:

Browsers Windows® Vista and higher Macintosh® 10.4 and higher
Microsoft® Internet ExplorerTM 8.0 and higher Not supported
Mozilla Firefox 26.0 and higher 26.0 and higher
Apple® SafariTM not supported 6.0.2 and higher
Google® ChromeTM 32.0 and higher 32.0 and higher

If this does not confuse the average user, what would?  I am pretty sure OS is not the same thing as Browser and adding the OS to the list only makes it worse.  More to the point, there is no UX in this at all.  These are not even active links.  You have to scroll down to see this.

“Bank” provides these links and this disclaimer.

You can download a new browser from any of the sites below. Just copy and paste the web address into your browser:

Microsoft® Internet ExplorerTM
Mozilla Firefox
Apple® SafariTM
Google® ChromeTM
If you find it hard to keep up with downloads, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari offer automatic software updates—they scan your computer, determine if you’re running an outdated version, and then give you the option to install an upgrade.

If I were the average user, I would simply punt to an IPAD and call it a day.  What a freaking mess this has become for the average consumer.

Off to my Mother In-Law now to sort out her panicked phone call.  Cheers!

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