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On my panel I was asked about the future of big data. Here is my short statement:

“Companies and consumers have come to expect rises and falls in the popularity of everything.  As products and trends rise so do resource demands.  As they fall, excess turns into depression.  Big data promises to predict this rise and fall so product launches and resources can be deployed and retracted faster and better. The long term goal is to be constantly on top of the wave for product(s), while preventing the depressions in bottom line productivity. Disney is a good example of 1.0 big data with it’s movie release model for demand generation.  Imagine this ability in your business or economy.”

This is a short term win and where companies are working today.  It’s not only the future but a competitive advantage today for the few who have seen this future.

My presentation is designed to give Executives a tool to measure Big Data efforts.  How to establish where the targets should be relative to the possibilities.  We need to stop discussing the technology and start discussing the market value.

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