The Internet of things and everything fear

Security!  The enemy inside the gate!  Why Total Phase inc. is going to be your best friend in the end and why I work with smart people, not just smart technology.

I am not going to bore you with tech speak mumbo jumbo.  You can read it here:  The Internet Of Things Has Been Hacked, And It’s Turning Nasty

I am writing this piece to highlight the real problem to come.  “Fear” and how it will artificially and quietly depress sales of this Trillion dollar market.  That’s right.  Hard core, dyed in the wool,  old fashion, fear of the unknown.

“Fear sees, even when eyes are closed.”

Wayne Gerard Trotman, Veterans of the Psychic Wars

This will dampen any market potential,  generate needless regulation, cause companies like Symantec to fear monger, and worst of all have born again Luddites proclaim the end of technology.  This pervasive cultural rejection will drag down an industry who’s time is dawning.  Is that what we want?  Is that how “hackers” and “crackers” wish to expose industry in a claim of changing behavior.  Most likely not.

Just wait for the products that will come to market that are open by nature.  “Sponsored” units that foolish consumers will take for free in trade for sharing the content and access.  These units will be 10 times worse than the units built today.  All of of this will generate huge adoption, some of which will be embedded in products we can’t avoid.  Like smart meters and appliances that vendors will push harder and harder into market. Maybe even not building products without such features reducing options to consumers forcing them along the adoption curve.  Or simply embedding future functionality in the hope or plan of activating later tucked under what is sold up front.

So what’s the advice here?  Companies that create these things for the Internet of Everything should wake up and smell the Mr. Coffee.  If the Industry does not step up it will step on it’s own two feet.  There will be enough trouble from knock off companies empowered to sell low cost cheap products that push this technology.  Well funded responsible companies will suffer miserably from the image if not the reality.  Unscrupulous vendors will create trouble on a chip that is wirelessly connected and embedded in your Drywall.  These units will not be advertised as it’s for the companies “quality control”.  Think of RFID on steroids.  Think all those bar codes on your washing labels as being fully functional.  Think of all this built by a group of product managers that have to meet a revenue launch deadline and security is a future release.

What do to?  As a consumer, don’t get sucked into the fear.  As a business, contact a company like ours, Total Phase, and start to build in a solution for market.   Total Phase and other companies like ours can address root causes.  I normally don’t toot my own horn, but too many companies are ignoring these facts and risks in a rush to market.  We are in the industry, and it’s still the wild west.  Don’t let this be you.  Don’t let it be us.  Don’t let the fear ruin a market before it starts.

Consumers know what they want, but have no clue to the risks or costs.  Look how they adopt Facebook and only later decry the risks.  Industry that proclaims protection is activated by the hackers and crackers to respond.  These companies, tech writers, and fear mongers build a business on exploiting these legitimate oversights or impossible levels of protection, then it’s up to the manufacturing industry to react.  This always turns bad and is often too little too late and sometimes impossible.  The rush to market leaves unintended consequences that crush the consumer in a house of security cards.

There is a future where every product will have embedded services, “intelligence” and analytics.  It’s already happening and you don’t even know it.  In many cases, you won’t be able to choose as the companies will slip them embedded within, and without notice.  Others will, as I mentioned, convince consumers its ok to give in.  Do you want to get sucked down with the market potential?  I am highlighting companies here as a room by room teaser.  If Samsung, Apple, GE, Honeywell, Cuisinart, Mary Kay, Coleman, Kohler, Tempur Pedic, and a host of other’s don’t respond and plan ahead, Investors better.  So, Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Intertrust, Shasta Ventures , Generation Investment Management, Venrock you just made a fortune off of Nest.  That was a product fully aware of the risks, and purchased by a company who also knows the risks, please don’t invest like sheep to the next Nest.  Spread the wealth to companies that can keep this market vibrant.  Push this message into your investments.  Let’s partner in building a better tomorrow vs letting it happen to us.  Tylenol was a headache I don’t think we ever want again!

Reference site for image. Link

Refrigerator Used By Hackers In Cyber Attack


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  1. Rick Hutley Reply

    A point well made Stephen. Security concerns are very real and we all have to take them seriously but we cannot afford to allow them to paralyze our business. Security (nay, life) has always been a race between the good guys and the bad, and the surest way to lose a race is to stop running.

    The Internet of Things / Everything is a reality – it’s happening. As companies we either embrace it, security issues and all, or we simply wait to get overrun by it. IOT offers amazing opportunities and we would be foolhardy in the extreme to not take advantage.

    The answer, as you say, is to address security head – using quality solutions from reputable companies that have the credibility, track history and ability to back their claims.

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