Grace under Entrepreneurship

Every person faces pressure.  Entrepreneurship is pressure plain and simple.  How we manage that pressure is the mark of greatness.  Truth be told, I was horrible at it in my previous lives.  I might have more lives left if I was a hipper cat in my previous entrepreneurial incarnations.  I got that along the way, which is why I am still here to share my aged wisdom with youthful exuberance.

  1. Live your passions
  2. Learn from your mistakes
  3. Let go to get ahead
  4. Be a good actor

I write on a various topics.  Some of them long, labored and loaded to the gills.  That is passion.  It’s not just being Entrepreneurial in building my brand, it’s being passionate about my Entrepreneurship.  Sometimes that creates mistakes or outright failures.  As I said, my career is littered with injured feelings and bad luck, yet through it all comes success.  Why? Because I was not in it alone.  Others were there, some of whom praise and others who deride me,  yet we were all apart of an organizations that executed on a passion.  Writing as I do, I take my share of lumps.  Some comments are so on point that I have to reflect deeply in order to fend off  the fear and loathing I get.  It’s only by reading such insightful inputs and following my 4 steps that I continue march on.

Live your passions,  It’s the only way to drive wide acclaim or wealth.  Sitting on a couch is rarely a passion builder.  Grace under pressure will allow you to accept the people who don’t see or share your passion.  The world is full of people who are focused on their own passions, why should they inherently support yours?  Heck, you might even be going against their passions, and will want to knock you down a peg or two.  Have great poise in going after your goals, it will  serve you well in the long run.  Any passion that gains it’s followers will drown out the detractors.  In short. let your passion speak for you.

Learn from your mistakes. They will be the best and most honest lessons you have.  Why?  A mistake is the only real way to learn about yourself in what you are doing right then and there.  In fact, I contend that if you don’t have mistakes in growing your passion, it’s most likely you are getting something wrong and you don’t know it yet.  Grace under pressure is not only accepting your actions, it’s thanking the universe or person(s) who brings this mistake to light.  A mistake is real and direct cause or effect.   It’s directly related to your passion and execution.  A mistake shows you how to improve something in specific. It’s your audience, customer, partners, etc screaming… “if you see this fact in a positive light you can absorb the event and turn your offering into a greater one”.  While it may not be exactly correct, it’s always very informed input.  You can’t take responsibility for what the President of the Untied States does directly,  but you can own up to what your effect on others is doing and make the proper corrections gracefully.

Let go to get ahead.  You have to let a part of your vision die to accept greatness at times.  That is not to say give up or give in.  That is to say be respectful of timing and when to fight.  I have found visions get better and better as more people participate.  That is frustrating, and sometimes seems like a battle that will lose the war, yet great things happen and faith is restored.  Writing is a vision.  Editors and grammarians are frustrating.  Yet, I find the end product is always better for the effort.  Tightly held beliefs are great but sometimes stifling.  Perfection is a lonely place..  Why be the wisest of wise in a cave alone?  It does not spread your vision or passion.  It does nothing to increase your success or that of humanity.  That kind of brilliance dies alone.  The bravest and greatest share visions and know how to get that done.  They know to learn gracefully while accepting input and change.  This allows others to own and share in the same.  It is this grace under pressure that allows entrepreneurs to create great things.  Letting go does not mean giving up, it means being able to put something down in favor of something better.  Zen teaches us that letting go has to be full of passion, it is only then we can truly leave it behind.  It’s important to know that not all challenges are of your making or even in your control, so letting go is vital in order to get ahead.

Be a good actor, and don’t say I told you so.  Even if you want to or it’s warranted.  Let’s face it, leaving gracefully is the only real thing you have left in retreat or defeat.  No one wants a spoiled brat yelling at them.  Things are not always in your control.  You can’t help an Earthquake, Tornado, act of God, or some Venture Capitalist that wipes you and everything you have out.  Let’s face it, not everything is your fault.  It is often said you can’t change a first impression, I only slightly agree with that.  I can guarantee one thing.  You can’t change a last impression.  The graceful Entrepreneur knows to take input from teams, investors, the market, and customer with grace and dignity.  While you might not take all  or any of the advice offered, do it with grace and show good faith in explaining why.  There are times for passionate argument, diligent testing of a thesis until it’s obviously time to change, and sometimes retreating to a previous position allowing for new development.  Just don’t be a spoiled brat blaming others all the time.  That is not being a good actor.  In most cases only family will put up with these kinds of behavior, but no one else would or should.  Heck, even a family will eventually put the brakes on that.

So let’s recap. Be graceful in your entrepreneurship.  It’s a your skill and a trade.  You can do it all with grace and dignity leaving others with the same.  There is a time to hold on tightly to our passions, and a time to let go.  In the end, being able to shake hands and walk off the stage with grace looks much better than being booed off by the crowd.  Just remember;  Passion is the heart of entrepreneurship.  Being entrepreneurial is a state of grace.


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