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Only build things that directly feed your core revenue stream(s).  Here is how you cook it up.

Why is google changing the way we build businesses?  Core competency exploitation.  The key ingredients.

  • First, get a money tree, which they wisely built first.  You have to find yours, you can mature into more than one.
  • Decide what the money tree needs most to keep it well fed and producing.

You then do two things:

  • You try out all the easy things and incorporate them into your process
  • You define things that are out of your core skills/knowledge set and create first articles / proof cases

Next you bake.  Set a time and watch it rise.

  • If it fails to bake in the way you like.  Ruthlessly cut
  • If it is a success and will survive a graft to your money tree.  Your done.  Money tree is growing
  • If it is a success and will not graft to your money tree but feeds it.  Proceed to next step

Demonstration kitchen:  Take the success and train others.

  • Prefect the formula you used to create the new opportunity and show others the value
  • Sell the cookbook, formula and keep the rights that feed your money tree(s)


Why is this so obvious to Google, and not Microsoft or Apple?  There are many reasons.  Microsoft and Apple understand the model.  Apple had Googles Architect on the board.   It’s just not what they “do”.  Yet, you can see how it keeps  market share low for them vs Google.  Microsoft has made hardware and systems for years.  They have made reference designs for ever.  They have failed in being ruthless about the money tree and when to cut and sell.  They have failed in teaching others to build sustainable businesses that feed the money tree.  You can argue they used to know how to do that well.  Windows over PC’s as one example, but they lost the focus.  In fact, Google has taken almost the same cookbook and improved it.  Apple has always decided to bring the final product to market through controlling entire experience.  It’s a strategy that has failed them in the past but was improved.  What they have done is capitate the total market opportunity by keeping the exclusivity.   But I would content that the Apple money tree is there and they do feed it, but efforts like Icloud and Maps are clear examples of how they missed the core lesson of scale and success in an exponential market.

When you start a business find your money tree as fast as possible.  Then have the discipline to discover what feeds it.  If you are lucky enough to grow your business and can afford to create new and exciting things, always keep this cookbook in mind.  It’s the future of how large business will grow best.  A company of companies if you will with the a tight relationship to revenue and core competencies.    Most importantly, be aware markets are now changing exponentially and not being configured for that in the future will hamper your dreams and aspirations.


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