Wink! – Google Glass just went covert

In my recent post, I pointed out these features of google glass:

1) It had to be on.  To turn them on, you had rock your head back or touch the side.

2) You had to say “Take a picture” or tap the side of the glasses.

Not true anymore.  Introducing “Wink” :  “You can shoot images by simply turning the mode on and winking your eye to snap photos. This eliminates the need to snap an image using the photo button or a voice command. There are some immediate privacy issues which rear their heads here of course — winking is a lot less obtrusive than a hand to the face or saying it out loud.”

So much for my previous posts, but hey, you can’t take videos this way, so that is still the head rocking temple touching fiasco everyone can laugh at!

Be Seeing You!

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