Google Glass – It’s not on all the time!

First, let me point out a well written article that inspired me to write this.

This wearable computer augments the self, not reality

Everyone should know google glass is not on all the time.  If it were, it would last 2 hours max, and 45 minutes recording video.  It is not practical or wise to think of Google Glass recording your life journal or altering your reality.  It is mean to augment your relationship with technology.

Let me point out this good article on the technology.

“Glass does not do augmented reality of any kind, it does not record things 24/7, and it is not a fully-featured replacement for your smartphone. Expecting Glass do to any of those things is unfair and unrealistic. Glass is a real, functioning, first-generation product made with 2013 technology – it is also a work in progress. Your 3D, AR, facial recognition fantasies are technologically impossible in a self-contained headset, assuming you want the battery to last for more than 5 minutes. So forget about them.”

You have to activate them.  Tipping your head back 38 deg. to turn it on and saying “Ok Google Glass” is conspicuous to say the least.  Tapping your temple is less so, but really strange to see someone tapping their temple repeatedly.   So far, people always laugh when I activate the unit.

The cool thing is how people are so very curious and the looks you get when you take a picture.  In the end, the technology is a work in progress, and like any new technology it will change the way we think, interact, and participate.   It will not be google glass that will disrupt our world, it will be more subtle devices that won’t be nearly as obvious.  But for now, enjoy the experience and know you are not under surveillance.  At least not for more than a 35 min clip.


My wife avoiding a shot (see she saw it coming) 20131215_082100_937

My buddies at RPG night 20131206_194838_843

My Cousin at his new restaurant 20131215_140606_657






A random person at the UPS store20131211_162606_616



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