Email address confusion no more!

Good morning and soon to be Happy New Year!!!!

There have been complaints, and I have listened.  I am taking action.  I resolve to keep my contact information simple once and for all.

Here is how you can reach me: Use my home information if you want ultimate stability.

Stephen A. Pieraldi
  • Work| Total Phase | Phone: +1.415.335.6731 |
    • 735 Palomar Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94085
  • Home| Phone: +1.650.871.8794 |
    • 828 Santa Lucia Ave.  San Bruno, CA. 94066
  • Teaching|
ANY and ALL other phone numbers and address you may have most likely still work, and currently forward to my existing systems.  So, delete them as you wish and don’t worry about them failing if you missed one or two along the way.
  1. A vow one makes on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day for the coming year.
    Stephen vows not to create another branding mess with domain emails anymore; ever.

Strength in our arms, truth on our tongue, clarity in our heart

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