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I ran across this interesting article yesterday:  Looking to hire the most ambitious grads? Here are the campuses you should be targeting, according to a surprising new ranking.

I was pleased to see  this “According to ViewsOnYou’s numbers it’s time to look past the tie-dye and rethink Berkeley. Apparently, hiding behind the counter-culture pedigree are some seriously hungry students. Who knew?”

I hope my contributions help to raise the bar!  It’s been an amazing semester working the students in 190C.  We turned out some amazing concepts, and it looks like two companies.  Ideal Space, and Sweetch will move to market!

190x is teaching The Berkeley Method.  The program is designed to activate students in an Experiential and Catalytic approach.   The Instructors Donald Wroblewski (Big Data), Ken Singer (Mobile), and Ken Sandy (Social), were indispensable in creating a huge impact.   Our Judges  Kumaran SanthanamDerek Fung, were outstanding as Board Members.

Terracotta Software provided the Industry Challenge for our section on Big Data.   The challenge provided a great focus for students to run through our tournament style class creating a truly unique experience that seemed to rewarded every student in the program.  There were other groups, which I hope will comment on this post, that made incredible project success.  Congratulations to all the students who made this semester great!

Exciting projects like this are why Berkeley is top of this list!

Go Cal!


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