Ok Glass

maxresdefault“Ok Glass” is a most effective social linguistic tool.  Oz the Great and Powerful never had it so good!  Here are the steps to unintended power!

Step 1: Put on Google Glass (or a fake pair)

Step 2: Say: “Ok Glass”

Step 3: Watch people freak out!

It’s a little known social effect today but I am sure many will come to appreciate it.  While you can sneak into almost any event  unnoticed,  you can bring the world to a stop with “Ok Glass”.

No one knows exactly what you are about to do.  Take a picture, video, or simply do a bio-check.  They just don’t know!  The best part?  It’s a good chance the Glasses are not even on!  The cunning Glass wearer waits until just the correct moment, and POW!  Drop the “Ok Glass” bomb.  People stop and stare, toss things at you, or even demand you stop right now!   My favorite quote:  “What ever it is you are “Glassing” must stop now”.

The looks are, as MasterCard puts it, priceless!

That is my key observation from day one.   In all seriousness.  I plan to do my first “explorations” with Glass in a sociological twist.  Google Glass is more than a simple technology.   It’s will be filled with fears and expectations.  Fears first of all.  Videos like Glasshole’s are just for fun, but as within all humor rests some truth.  In other posts I will catalog some of my funnier episodes, some of my kinder episodes, and I hope a few moments of truth.

As long as the glasses last on my head… that is.

Oz: I’m afraid I can’t give you what I know you want most of all. All I can offer you is this: us. I know it’s not the family that you had in mind, but…

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