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Impacting with others in the greater bay area creates My beautiful picturefree radicals.

Encounters happen when you least expect it and the impact can be profound.  Growing up in San Francisco / Silicon Valley instills a very basic instinct to survive.  Different than our traditional view of man vs. wild.   This is an entrepreneurial culture.  This cultural creates individuals striving to re-create and keep themselves from being overtaken.  I often hear people say it’s in the way we say hello.  It’s that impactful.

Yet, we are exactly like the rest of the world.  Individuals who take over a family business, strive to transform them,  Individuals who don’t come from a family business tend to create them.  The myth that we are only here  creating Venture Funded companies is not true and distorts the reality of who we are a a culture.  The foundation of our economy started with farming.  Orchards to be exact.  It has trades, transportation and grocery stores.  Mom and pop stores continue to open and close just like anywhere else in the world.  Family businesses keep our little league sponsorships going etc….

Under Silicon Valley is bed rock

Yet, it’s the impact of rapid change that breeds rapid reactions unlike anywhere else in the world.  While other cultures move with the seasons, we move with innovation.  A subtle change in technology makes for a huge impact in our culture.  It’s a pace of adoption that trickles down, and is doing so more quickly every season.  Where some cultures wait for a proven idea, we take parts of unfinished ideas and make them whole.  We take recent innovations and apply them through our culture as a course of action.  We create impact and our eco-system responds.  From non-medicine to innovative high-rise construction.  This impact to our culture is expected and drives change.

Impact is creating free radicals that bind with others in a cauldron of innovation and entrepreneurship unlike any where else in the world.  While there are other regions who share in the experience, none have the full emersion we have.  It’s these constant tiny collisions that bind free radicals into new elements.  Elements creating new units of energy propelling our culture forward more quickly than almost anywhere else in the world.  It is often to a future we can’t even explain to ourselves.  From a grocery store using Square on an iPad to an plumber using fiber optics to diagnose a line before running a clean out, we are constantly reacting to our culture.  This is a direct result of us impacting one another.

It’s with this fundamental statement I endeavor to explore impacts.  A realtime dialog with my home town.  Much like James Burke, the creator and host ofConnections, explaining the Haber-Bosch Process, I want to find the impacts that propel us in the context of today.  I feel this will more fully explain experience to guests, students, and fellow residents.

The Silicon Valley is a Culture.  A culture that has been vibrant since the Gold Rush.  A culture that impacts everyone who lives in it.  Ironically,  we don’t even know how much it impacts us, but we respond too it every day.    I hope you enjoy this small look at our home and the impact it has on you.

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