Can I interview you?

Business-Spectrum-ShrinkingI am creating a book(s).  I would like to interview you.

The Ask:

  • It can be on or off the record
  • The topic(s) covered:  Entrepreneurial vs Mature culture, Work groups for the next decade, and Targeting success
  • It should take no more than 30 minutes on my part.  I am open to longer dialog if you wish
  • Your only qualification is business experience (preferably with large and small company responsibility) where length of employment/ownership is not a condition
  • Students are welcome for the Work groups for the next decade research

You can be in the trades or a high tech CEO.  Interviews can be online or in  person. Time line is 180 days to complete this part of my work.

The Give:

  • The data will be shared with participants in an anonymous and aggregate format
  • There will be a website established after the research phase to extend the work beyond this window and those who wish to be public will be associated as “founding” members

Thesis of in my research:

How is entrepreneurial culture measured similar to a Briggs Myers test

Hint of output:

Your answer to this post could inform you on yourself, your work group, corporate culture, and how you stack up in your market.  In other words, you will find out where you are in a spectrum.

  • I will participate today regardless of details = entrepreneurial phase
  • I will need to seek approvals that might prevent me from participation= maturity phase

You can reach me directly at (415) 335-6731


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