Vision, mission, values, goals ….

Aim high and take the world, no matter how small the part you start in is.

  1. Vision = Aspirational statement

  2. Mission = Action that supports aspiration

  3. Values = Do’s and Do not’s while executing your vision and mission.

  4. Goals = Measurable and clear steps tied to the mission and resonate with the vision

What would Sir Richard Branson do: “My interpretation”

Vision – Make the world entertaining

Mission – Transform stale industries

Values =  Value at a discount, Friendly and courteous service, Do not attempt to con the audience

Goals = Create a club like atmosphere, build on core experiential factors, Don’t shy away from transformation challenges posed by old business models

Visions should be:

Aspirations that inform and excite your audience of a journey.  Bring your customer, staff, audience into the experience.  Don’t create  some dry ambiguous statement that is so vague and possibly unattainable no one trusts you can do it even if they care about it.  Make it inspire hope and desire.

Don’t say: We will cure  cancer!

Missions should be:

Actionable examples of the vision.  A “take that hill” type statement.  While all of these statements can change over time, Visions should remain most stable while mission address your current aspirational execution!

Don’t say:  “Through advanced research we will determine the best solution for each unique cancer and apply it to market.”

Values should be:

Very clear do’s and don’ts.  Make them check points for your audience that enable them to check every action against.  Google “do no evil” as an example.

Don’t say: We love our customers and want them to find peace and comfort in our solutions.

Goals should be:

Stepping stones to complete the mission success and fulfill the visions promise.  Every single step should be concrete and actionable in the context of your mission.  Should a bottom up change need to happen for yourself or the company, you can change the goals, recheck  mission then adjust your vision to the reality you face.  Goals should always reflect the visions intent.

Don’t say: “Our goals are to get funding and deep scientific resources to execute our vision”

Linking the concept throughout your life and organization.

  • Visions statements should not be a summary your 5 year business plan.  
  • Vision statements can be driven at many levels.  Just  be very sure they work in concert.  There is no reason a department or even a skunk works project can’t have a vision statement.  In fact, they should.
  • Vision statements can be personal.  They can tie to a corporate vision.  Tie them together, but don’t get bound up by them. 

Share your most impressive Vision, mission, values and goal statements in the comments please.

For academic views go here: Strategic Planning

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