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220px-Bell_System_hires_1921_logoPrediction time!  Listen up Carriers.  Mobile hothub’s are your future while you are left out of the MDCU race.  Your ONLY future.  Consumers will wear these new units leaving you out of the game.  You have been trying to control our experience for so long you missed the point.  Handsets were just a stepping stone.  It’s not about mobile computing anymore, that ship sailed and you missed the launch party.  It’s about Massively Distributed Computing Units.  MDCU’s.  These MDCU’s will distribute functionally in creative new ways only working through hothubs when required, and only switching on your network when required.  Wearable computing is just the tip of an iceberg carriers will hit soon.

No more walled gardens and locked devices providing increasingly poor software that no one uses.  Let’s face it, if any carrier had software worth a salt, they would unlock phones and compete in the open apps stores leaving your device clean and free to work for you.  Today, not so much.

New chips and protocols as discussed by Robert Scoble in the last few weeks highlight this important future.  Distributed devices will use telephones as hubs.  Each working with applications designed to aggregate functionality and connecting to the Internet through your phone building amazing new contextual experiences.  Wait, whoa, what???  Replay.  The future will be distributed devices on and off your person that connect through a hothub, not a cell phone at all.  In fact, as Sergey Brin puts it:

“We often question if this is the way you want to connect with the people in your life. I feel it’s kind of emasculating. You’re just rubbing this featureless piece of glass.”

What he is also saying is this; soon there won’t be a phone; very soon.  While that might not be a surprise to the tech elite, it’s not clear to the vast majority of people I mentor, teach, or talk too on a daily basis.  Phones, the small computers we have grown so fond of in the last decade, are already a dinosaurs and extinct.  The ironic part is how carriers who worked so hard to control customers through them missed the party. No surprise.  They always do.

What does this mean to you and me?  Everything.  Your relationship with the world is about to change in dramatic and profound ways.  Measure this in months not years.  The change is happening so quickly fashions statements will force you to change.  What you have come to expect from your phone will change over night.  Oh sure, you will have a cell phone to hold fat apps like game consoles hold games  today.   There will be a legacy mode so you can hold the phone to your head, and browse the Internet when the mode over takes you.  What’s about to change that will make this happen?  Everything.

Applications will now be pushed to MDCU end points through countless utility specific or lightly generalized devices.  Projection on screens will be a thing of the past as we share resources through our personal hothubs.  Hothubs will be peer to peer, with applications built to maximize discrete and powerful functionality channeled through  hothubs only switching to the Internet when  local fabrics fail or is not sufficient for the task.  This will alter the relationships of devices and individuals and how we interact overnight.  Presentations will be on the cloud and you will see them in unison through hothub caches.  Netflix, are you reading this?  You will transmit your bio-stats to the Dr. when  walking into the office and near enough for their hothub to request data on a preset authorization.  Your security is a brief approve or deny through your glasses or haptic feedback.  Or maybe, just the proximity count of trusted devices.

Far off distant future?  Not for you or me, but carriers watch out!  Your shortsighted controls have left you looking at the wrong target while the industry left you behind.  The application developers have been trained and are new being retrained to supply ever more efficient and innovative applications.  Distributed computing has only just begun again.  Applications will soon blend into your normal everyday workflow empowering you at cost points that make cell phones look like Cray computers. Enjoy the future.  It’s here in smaller measure than every before.

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