Clarity due diligence

clarityMy mission is to be clear:

  • Clarity is the quality or state of being clear
  • Clarity is a Zen like practice
  • Clarity is a rarity

A few years ago I started down a new path.  I created 2Bclear in reaction to my naturally complex state of being and business approach.  I have sometimes been called the vast warehouse of useless knowledge because I presented complexity.  I learned having knowledge is fine, presenting complexity is not.  That is a lesson great leaders put to practice.

2bclear is transforming the way I live every day.  It’s a constant reminder that clarity is fleeting and requires diligence.  I rebuilt my website today with a new look and feel.  The goal is to keep my core message alive for myself and my clients.  To accomplish this mission I am shifting to a new curating style.  The goal is to keep 2blear as a hub to my ideas and endeavors while reducing the content load for any one audience.

Here is an outline of how content will be curated going forward.

  •  Consulting and messaging on clarity.  An idea hub
    • No More Slides: A new presentation approach
    • Pieraldi: My photo essay work
    • Dshaman: Reviews on technology
    • Idea pigeon: Innovation

Individual domains are designed for clarity and messaging.  This experiment in clarity is both exciting and daunting.  Please provide feedback on the approach as it develops.

To clarity and the fight against complexity!

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