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SzissWe all have to convey information in meetings.  It helps to have an image behind us while discussing any topic.  NO SLIDES just some message you wish to convey.  It can be words, it can use images, documents, videos, images, you name it.  I am using slides here only as a demonstration point,  showing how you can manage information in a persuasion pitch.

I open with a statement.  It’s active Q&A – after the persuasion pitch or if I guide you from image to image.

Always touch on these points:

  1. What is it
  2. Why is it
  3. What to do about it

Manage information is job #1.  It’s why you have been asked to present your case.  In this case, you are reading without my persuasion.  As I would send ahead any material, I put the in notes via powerpoint.  I can’t be interactive with you, but you can see my method clearly in the deck.  Be interactive with your audience and don’t read to them.  If the material has been read or is generally well known, guide the Q&A slide by slide.  Leverage the background and seed topics into the audience from your notes.  Move on to the next slide opening up each topic and it’s relevant questions.  YOU seed the topic and keep the group on point!

  • Control the presentation
  • No one can read from the slides, including you
  • Q&A is dynamic and so will you be

Here is the deck as I present (redacted).  One is onscreen, the other is my talking points.

Notice I say talking points.  It is NOT what I read.  It’s to keep me focused and having the source material I wish to convey.

I will producing more of these as the weeks go on.  I am rebuilding many of my formerly bad habits into the No Slides model.

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