Cybercrime investigation… the NSA is here to help!

nsa_octopusHere is the low down.  Surprise, the NSA has the cooperation of US companies!  A lot of them.

How does this happen???

  • 1) Government of the people for the people passes a bill that protects us (Patriot act)
  • 2) Government finds it limiting.  (Always does, and most of the times for good reason)
  • 3) Goverment finds legitimate ways around the limits.  (And most of the time exploits others to a fault)

What was the key watershed moment here:

  • 4) Cyber-crime is framed the same as physical attacks against the nation and “X” companies interest.  (See #1 above)
  • 5) Companies need and want the government to help,  NSA says: “No problem… give this access or no dice.  Or, we might classify you as a strategic interest of terror and you have no choice… Your choice.” (See #2 above)
  • 6) As a participent you can not acknowledge our existence let alone the program.  (see #3 above)

Who is behind this:  The full industrial military complex (AKA  M.I.C)

  • Is it bad for us:  Yes, in that the public oversight is nearly 0 or so obscured by #1 and #6 above that we would never know the “truth” if we could find out
  • Is it necessary for our national defense:  Yes – beyond a doubt.  The playing field is very un-level and dangerous.  It is critical for us to defend ourselves and country because when you undermine the currency, information, and general trust of a system it falls without a bullet fired.

So what’s the problem here if both points above are true?

It’s this:


  • YOU MIGHT BE MIS-IDENTIFIED OR TARGETED BY A BROAD SWEEP OF THE NET.  When you did NOTHING wrong but the “context” incriminates you

  • The value of this data is too great to avoid mis-use without oversight.   (It’s happened before)

  • The data is now higher value than ever as it’s no longer one man or department.  It is an instant transfer from party to party without oversight.  This could, in a matter of moments ruin a life, even if proven wrong or incorrect

  • What was NOT illegal before becomes illegal in a new doctrine.  The OLD data is retrieved and you are judged postfacto.

Conclusion:  This level of security is critical in our day and age.  That is beyond a doubt!  The rules have changed and our nation state is at risk, and frankly the world order is too.  Failure to secure information in a timely fashion is not about stopping a plane bomb or some other small terrorest threat.  It is about disrupting our economy and turning ourselves into a slave nation.  Note the stated objective of some movements who’s very name is to destroy Western Civilization:

Boko Haram (pronounced [bōːkòː hàrâm], “Western education is sinful“),[3] is a jihadist militant organisation”

While groups like this claim to want no western culture, they understand it, use it, and seek to enhance it to extend the rule they have over others.  What if such a group gained access to our networks in the way our NSA has?  Where the NSA could not counter the threat by seeking approval or disclosing intent that would tip them off?  Boko Haram fould finds some information to plant that discredits our nation, individuals or currency?  The result could  fracture our nation and devolve western civilization in the aftermath.  That is a real and viable possibility.

Action:  Do not let this go to the military industrial complex as the 4th arm of government.  It is critical that we entrust trained and warranted oversight to these critical functions.  We can’t stop it and maybe shouldn’t .  We must control it.  Our Government and that of the world depend on our leadership and vision.  While this is a necessary evil, the risks in this new digital age should not be swept aside in ignorance or neglect.

Let me be very clear.  This is NOT about politics or partisan rants on goverment.  It’s about the new reality of technology and our connected world.  It is an unavoidable reality that transparency is going to happen and each of us have to accept that in our own personal reality and behavior.  Online and offline. But consolidating that data into a system that has unproven automation is both unwise and dangerous.  That is not useful transparency.  Given the current system it is likely that our political oversight is broken.  Our free press is hampered.  And whistle blowers are now criminals.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

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