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3cpoMIT has developed the first Robot CEO due out in June 2013

The robot code named ECO is a clever play on Eco-friendly and its business acronym, “Exceptionally Credibile Ombudsman”.  MIT sees this fantastic evolution growing out of previous sucesses like Evernote’s CEO Phil Libin using Anybots .  But now that is a thing of the past!  Welcome to the future. Even Warren Buffet has ordered an ECO for his Heinz acquisition citing his “devine resistance to eating the profits”.


Bruce Gardner was bullish on this new innovation back in 2010.  Bruce put forward this provocative statement in a seminar where he asks:  How do I reduce the number of CEO’s.  The answer is here in just 3 short years.  ECO is not only independent of normal human bias, he can talk to the vast army of robot workers that already exist in the market today.   This is a tremendous advantage for ECO over the classic human CEO.  Eco speaks the language of this new and powerful workforce.

According to Focus Taiwan, the company recently announced it was building a $223 million “robot kingdom” in the Central Taiwan Science Park in the Taiwanese city of Taichung. The research and development center and manufacturing hub is part of chairman Terry Gou’s ambitious plan to build one million industrial robots.  Terry Gou would most likely say, “We spent billions on making millions of of robots, why would we not want an ECO CEO?”

60 minutes ran an article on Rethink Robots.

img_products_baxterBrooks and investors in his new startup, Rethink Robotics, see a potential market worth tens of billions of dollars, and believe that Baxter can help small U.S. manufacturers level the playing field against low cost foreign competitors.

Rodney Brooks: If you’re using robots to compete with a simple task that a low-paid worker does in a foreign country you can bring it back here and do that task here.

MIT: Robots trained in overseas business practices have to be re-trained with USA methods.  This influx of new working talent is creating the revolution ing American manufacturing we are going to create a management revolution with ECO.  We can do this at robot to robot speeds now.

ECO is ready for the challenge.  Take a look at these typical mistakes made my many CEO’s today.

Jim Collins outlines the many stages of an incumbent’s downfall in ‘How the Mighty Fall‘. You can see the Barksdale organization go through each of the stages until their ultimate downfall.

  1. The Hubris of Success – Stringer assuming that their superior product and muscle are the only things that count.
  2. Undisciplined pursuit of more – Stringer’s attempt to pivot into real estate development, instead of focusing on their core competencies. Like many an organization attempting to expand, he not only failed at understanding the dynamics of the new business he was entering, he let himself be distracted from his core business.
  3. Denial of Risk and Peril – Not taking Marlo as a threat until it is too late. Tactical sloppiness resulting in Marlo almost taking out Avon.
  4. Grasping for salvation – In a typical corporation, this is where the CEO tries to bring in expensive consultants, fire a bunch of people and try and execute a turnaround (or sue a leading social networking company over patents?). Here on the Wire, this would be Stringer trying to take out Senator Clay Davis, not understanding the real threats to the organization.
  5. Capitulation to Irrelevance or Death – all the events of the season finale for Season Three where by Season Four, you see Marlo firmly in control.

ECO knows limits!  Scientific studies by MIT show that ECO does not make any mistakes.  Surprisingly, there have been some sexual harassment complaints brought against the original ECO’s, but those features have been removed in the final production model and MIT suspects this anomaly to be reduced to zero.   Deployment of ECO is a tremendous strategic advantage to early adopters.  A company should be able to raise stock prices on the reduced compensations packages alone.

The key will be for ECO to secure an human-like following for its highest-end leadership style that never sleeps.  Perfect in 24 hour operations, ECO can run many high demand CEO jobs.

“It might seem a bit workaholic-esque but a robot CEO can bridge multiple international work days in multiple locations and hard grafting co-workers like to actually see that the CEO’s nose, all be it a cyber-nose, is to the grindstone too.” – Forbes

This will allow existing CEO’s to transition into more Entrepreneurial roles.  This will lower socialization for the iphone generation workers.  This new screen focused employee pool of humans have never met an actual human CEO”s in many cases.  A recent survey monkey showed that most young people today don’t even know what the CEO looks like in person.

“This is the time to grab mindshare — hopefully, marketshare will follow,” said International Data Corp. analyst Ramon Llamas.

It’s a narrative Human CEO’s have been eager to combat, but the twitter is out of the cage.

Less Moore, of the famous Silicon Valley firm Bric-a-brac ventures says:

“I have had just about enough of showboat CEO’s.  I invest in creative Entrepreneurs and that is where we need human innovation.  Leave repeatable business process and all it’s legal rules to the robots.”

Pricing and availability have yet to be release but advanced orders have been placed by 350 of the fortune 500.  The price is expected to be $30,000,000 USD per unit with a $250,000 per year service contract.  Service contracts cover full replacement in the case of damage or loss.

Additional features include:

  • Remote kill for abductions
  • Board of boards networking feature
  • Best practices subscription updates
  • HR best practices for hiring and firing humans and machines alike
  • Male and Female mode for EEOC compliance

Future additions will be the CXX and advisory board members.  For those who can’t afford a full unit, they will be able to order an ECO SAAS CXX unit.  ECO will only be available in the full version.  ROI is forecasted in one quarter.

Contact Stephen Pieraldi – Transcendent Technologist for more information.






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