You let go. Now energize.

Close the circuit

Close the circuit

Flipping the switch energizes your company.  Letting go allows you to be energized.  Move from one “state” to a new”state” of action with ease.

People are like electricity… always looking for the path of least resistance.

  1. Lead by letting go
  2. Solve Problems with employees
  3. Change stages quickly
  4. Communicate Consistently, Clearly, Concisely
  5. Give Clear Direction

Electricity flows from negative to positive states.  You want your employees and company culture to do the same.  If leaders want change, they see that as positive.  The people who currently work in the system are seen as grounded to the role.  One might call that “negative” given the leader whats the company to change.  There is efficiency in focus and consistency.  However, companies and their culture need to be more flexible and responsive than ever.  When a leader wants to flip the switch and energize.  Things better get moving.

Train employees to let go and grow from role or responsibility.  Keep them grounded and effective until you can show them a positive path.  That has to be wired into your company from the start.  If your staff is grounded effectively and  perfectly they are in the correct position.  Don’t energize them to another role if the business impedance is correct.  Make sure they energize others that work with them.  Drawing them to be grounded and prepared to take over if they are called on to move.  This will insure stability in work groups and functions while others are energized to change states.  Growth implies that a role or responsibility have to scale.   Contant and stable  delivery is important.  But change is coming, all the time.

Unlock power by letting go.  Energy and change is the heart of innovation.  From two people starting a business to a old company changing its direction.  Letting go with nowhere to go is a strategic weakness.  Flip the switch for power to flow in positive directions and you have strategic advantage.  Outcomes are the way a businesses establishes direction and flips big power switches.  Energized employees migrate to the proper state.  A well tuned organization will align the objectives.  To unlock this energy and power, a company has to first decouple grounded resources and allow them to migrate in the positive direction you want.

Using the electricity  analogy is critical in this regard.  You need to express large ideas in a simple and easy to digest form where people can quickly grasp  large concept without getting lost in the details.  Or simply said, shorted out.  Explicitly training the organization to let go of what grounds it to ideas, structures, or processes, frees you to migrate to positive outcomes as a leader.

Demonstrate your ability to be both grounded in action, and free to move on new objectives.  A leader executes well while being flexible enough to think outside the box; positioning the company for success.  Leaders must flip this switch every day for themselves.  Letting go of old ideas in favor of new ideas allowing companies to transform and react to market changes and pressures.

Not all succeed in doing so, because the culture is not trained on flipping the switch.  Leaders can teach Corporate Yoga as an objective method of training individuals, teams, departments and divisions to be flexible and nimble in letting go while migrating to positive states as directed by management.  Allow individuals to reconfigure by letting go of a grounded state.  Educate them on what it means to be grounded and productive and how letting go empowers them for advancement and success.  This will lead the company to energize around outcomes.  With this new power the future is bright.  Empower your organization today by flipping the switch.

I would like to thank Marc West for grounding me on my recent posts of letting go and energizing me to the concept of positive outcome management.  By giving this framework to me he has allowed this article to be written.  Thank you to Chris Shipley for the enduring support and taking on the huge task of grounding my writings as editor and chief going forward.  I am leaving my previous work to her as well in an effort to energize better outcomes for everyone.  Enjoy the blog.

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    How are you doing Steve, sorry that I did not get a chance to say good bye to you and your family,I had a lot of things on my plate at the time. Hope you and your family are doing well.

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