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Control your publishing! Distribuate!  The act of mashing up your Distribution and Creation in an unwise process… Don’t do it.

Here is a new word I propose for Urban Dictionary:  “dis·trib·uate”

–verb (used with object or social network), -uat·ed, -uat·ing.

1. to distribute and create at the same time
2. to disperse through an electronic or single source; write;share.
3. to communicate, promote, sell, and ship or deliver (an item or line of merchandise) to anyone, or individual customers, especially online in a social context
4. to pass out or deliver (email, news “walls”, etc.) to intended recipients through a social network while in the act of creating the content
5. to divide into distinct phases: The process was distributed into three stages. While defining the stages and segmentation at the same time
6. to hit the share or send button and publishing directly without first creating
7 Printing in an electronic medium through the same tool used to create the content.

Origin:  2011–50; late Middle American English < Latin distribūtus, past participle of distribuere to divide up. See dis-1 , tribute

Middle English creat (past participle) < Latin creātus, equivalent to creā-(stem of creāre to make) + -tus past participle suffix

—Related forms
dis·trib·uat·a·ble, adjective
pre·dis·trib·uate, verb (used with object), -ut·ed, -ut·ing.

What’s the point?  Don’t publish your personal content out of your control!  Simple as that.  I made up this word for your discussion.  There are many reasons, such as found on 44 reasons to control your blog and content.  It’s not that you should not post on social media.  But you should control it’s location, availability, and distribution.

“So why you should you blog, create valuable content and build networks on social media? Is social media just about being superficial or is it much deeper than that? Social media has touched something in human consciousness that goes beyond just online conversations. It has provided a global connectedness that is culture and nation changing. It has given us as individuals control over our lives and how we express ourselves.”

So let’s make some other points:

Such as don’t cross the streams

“For brands and marketers that are already overextended, syncing up your Twitter updates with Facebook, your Facebook updates with Twitter, and your Google+ updates with Twitter and Facebook – and vice versa – before mass-broadcasting your message seems like a smart idea on paper, but it’s actually the worst thing you can do.”

Services will come and go.  There will be a day when Google will kill a service, twitter will be purchased, or wordpress no longer is supported.  It is best you have your content in control, not just for you, but for your legacy.  Distribuate today and control where and what you say.

It’s pretty clear that you need to control the source.  Once published on your own site in your own control, spread the word.  Like I am asking you to do now.  Don’t be lazy, take charge and enjoy the brand you create.

Go forth and publish!

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