Legislation won’t fix equality

We have a huge problem to overcome with the metaphorical boardroom and equality.  

Spoiler alert:  Outlawing sexual tensions will not bring equality.  As we have seen, women in power will do the same things men will.  Simple as that.  If we don’t open up and allow honesty of communication, we can’t discuss the real important issues.

  • “The lawsuit, filed by a top federal immigration official in New York, alleges that he was shunted out of a high-level position in the agency in favor of a less-qualified woman because he was a man.  The official, James T. Hayes Jr., also accuses the agency’s chief of staff, Suzanne Barr, of “sexually offensive behavior” that contributed to a discriminatory work environment for male employees.”  By KIRK SEMPLE New york times August 21, 2012

We need to have a dialog on accepting new roles.  People, men and women included, need to accept that change is on the horizon. The big debate should now be focused on the roles we choose.  It has to be a 50% deal as I said before.  Letting go in this context will give more power to business and balance to personal relationships.  It will grow diverse cultures and strong customer connections.  The issue will be how to help women assume positions at the table without the burden of legislation.

Let me be clear,  Sexism and unwanted advances regardless of a natural attraction is unacceptable under any circumstance.  But to deny it, hide it, or make it impossible to discuss in a professional manner makes for a subterranean conversation that has the potential of a opening a giant sink hole in our future growth.  A sink hole that will pull down whom ever is in power by eroding our ability to trust and disclose real intent.  The tools crafted by today’s battle will cut both ways.

The trend is clear, men will find more competition in the workplace for those precious seats of power.  Enlightened men should see this as valuable and work with women to bring about responsible transitions.  Enlightened women should pair up with these men and find productive solutions outside of legislation.

  • “Researchers found significant evidence of a bias against men in jobs for chartered accountants and computer analysts, which are already considered more gender neutral than some. While women are being passed over for engineering jobs because of their gender, men are even more likely to be turned away from secretarial posts. The study blames embedded ideas about what jobs men and women should do, or “occupational segregation”. – Polly Curtis The Guardian, Friday 24 February 2006

If we don’t fully discuss ALL of the issues around transition we will never be able to change seats at the table.  Roles inside and outside of the office need to be accessible to both sexes so that transitions can be made in a new social contract.  No more “Mr. mom” and “cold hearted bosses”.  If someone steps over the line, make the point face to face not HR to legal council.  Open the dialog real equality and find a way to change our culture.  Together.  

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