Corporate Yoga – a culture shift

Yesterday, I posted how corporations should release ego like a person since corporations have a personhood.  I further suggested that leaders form the C suite should lead in training staff these lessons.  Letting go of things showing they can lead by example.  Letting go can take a number of forms of which I won’t dive into here.  It should be the  Cxx leaders that insure a culture of letting go gives permission people to change the corporation culture.  Allowing it to question oneself and let go when necessary.  This new power would liberate companies of holding on too tightly to things that distract them from grabbing opportunity when it passes by.

So how does one train a corporation to be flexible.  Holding on firmly but able to switch quickly grabbing on to opportunity?  How can this happen when there is not clear instructor?  If there is, how does one communicate these lessons so the corporation through its culture allowing it to develop and respond consistent with its personhood?   Generally, that is seen as the CEO and by extension his core team.

Given this basic fact, let’s review the common points of leadership:

1. The culture is, ultimately, a reflection of the values of those leading the organization

2. The culture is a based on you’re mythology and the lore you generate

Peter Bregman did a brilliant job of conveying the criticality of stories to culture in his Harvard Business Review blog post, “A Good Way to Change a Corporate Culture.”

3.  Facing the truth about your actions, taking responsabilité and creating new outcomes, can have a powerful impact on performance – and it shows you can let go!

Emails do not convey action and can on enforce a culture of change.  Remember, for a corporation to be flexible, it needs to be trained.  A leader can’t just hold classes on leadership and have the corporate persona change.  It has to be more than that.  Where each and every interaction is a Corporate Yoga class.  Personal one on one training that is rolled up into meetings.

4. How well  leaders interact together through the corporate culture is critical to the success of the new company persona after Corporate Yoga training.

No one wants to stand out, they want to be accepted.  Forming the culture needs to have the entire role model set for an employee to feel empowered to question and act.  No one wants to work out alone in a big room alone.  That is why Yoga classes work.  They have affirmation and support in these groups.  Treat the company meetings as if they are Corporate Yoga training sessions.  Make it a lifestyle approach not a silver bullet.

5. With the advancement and integration of entrepreneurs, a deeper variety of  technical cultures and now  corporate personhood into the workplace today, it is more important than ever for leaders to understand the impact of culture, and become adept at shaping it through a systemic training.

Knowing how best to communicate, motivate and inspire people who come to our organizations having experienced different world views and social norms will make the role of leader more complex and challenging than ever before.  Showing them how to let go and transition is a fundamental new power that can only be mastered by letting go.

Leaders will disregard the importance of individual culture and its impact on corporate culture at their own peril for not leading by letting it go to grow.  

Conducting a corporate personhood yoga class is a new concept rooted in a simple and well tested social structure. As corporations are run by people, we need to train them to think as a whole.  That is not to suggest a loss of personality or free will, but the contrary.  To contribute the most of who they are in building the corporate persona on a daily basis.  This does not preclude an offensive company approach where peace and love rule.  That is not the point.  But as any real warrior will tell you, fighting is the last form of negotiation, and should always be a last resort to peace.  But having a corporation nimble and ready to grab hold of any opportunity means it must be definition not hold on so tightly it can’t let go of what it’s holding even if that is a metaphorical sword or revenue generating business structure.  Question all, and above all yourself!

The new power of letting go means never having to lose opportunity.

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