Well Known Religious Wars

religiosityYou need a list on religious wars to gain understanding.  This list is by no means complete:

  1. Spaces vs Tabs for indenting code
  2. Curly braces on their own line or not
  3. Private Member Prefixes
  4. Managed Languages vs Unmanaged
  5. High level abstraction vs lower level abstractions *Wiki on Abstractions*
  6. Interpreted and dynamic languages vs Compiled
  7. Model vs. Build
  8. XML vs. MS XML
  9. Edit and Continue or Not Edit and Continue
  10. BDUF vs Iterative Design
  11. VB.NET vs C#
  12. Java vs .NET
  13. vi vs emacs
  15. Windows vs Linux
  16. Android vs. IOS
  17. Windows X vs Apple OSX
  18. Any Sever vs Linux
  19. Central vs. Federated security models
  20. Pixel perfect design vs other methods

And the list goes on.  Please send me a message and I will correct and add to the list willingly.  Maybe even make this a Wiki page so as to capture the universe of wars.  For now this will make the point.

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