Ideology of any kind has the same characteristics as a religion

core_ideologyLearn 1 thing well, and it will serve you well.

Invest in vices, and you will succumb to them.

Words to live and die by.  Sadly, in the world of ideas, that is not the correct goal set.  We have come to live by axioms and ideas from a system of learning not well suited for the information age.  Languages in programming are not cultural identities and values.  The do not embody a human experience.  They simply catalog and process the relationship of ideas to execution.  The future of all computers languages is that of Latin.

The future of computing is undefined, but we can look at your evolution and determine one thing is certain.  All systems parish and so will the current ones.  Faster and faster as technology has shown us.  This raises the question of when, not if, a method dies.  It is true, that some aspects linger on, and that maintenance is a vital skill.  But that is not reason to protect a system from it’s natural course in history.  Taking sides comes from our desire to preserve.  Preserve our livelihood, technical skill, or simply to hold on to what has become an insanely steep learning curve for programmers and users.  All of this rapid raise and decay prays on our fear of death and the inevitable march of time.

One future is likely to include computational devises that are organically grown.  The programming languages, hardware and interface artifacts of today will not work on these systems.  Today’s systems may be used to build the machines that programs the machines for a while.  But even that will be replaced as the growing machines are uses to grow better machines.  The industrial age of Iron is not predicate for the age of biological computing.  This change will create a rate of change we can only imagine.

So why the fear.  Because of a few basic facts.  We know it takes longer to master 1 thing and we have to intellectually fight to protect our belief in it.  Exploring the deep commitment of belief so as to insure success.   We have to drive our faith to the extents and find the limits.  It’s natural for a youth to form strong views while rejecting parental input.  This both insulates them while forming an identity, but it also allows them to execute solutions with complete confidence, even if the outcome is less than ideal or optimal.  It is when we find a need to put down our faith and understanding that we are forced to seek and understand other solutions.  Or, we decide with an open mind to explore the vice of another faith.  Always afraid we might succumb.  That, given the time we have against the technology clock, is fearsome.

As we take the effort to put down our faith for another, we have to cross a vast chasm.  A leap of faith at times.  Where have to forge out on our own and seek mentors in what is a dark forest.  It is not like we go to programmers church, masque, or temple.  We sit alone.  On islands.  We have virtual connections, but it’s unilateral in many ways, and often on demand only.  This relative isolation develops slowly after the early days of college. We were trained to be productive with the tools of the trade.  We are green when we leave, and seasoned by fire in the field.  Manages see technology as “light bulbs” scarcely understanding the complexity of the daily business challenges.  The isolation and ability to relearn is set like the code we write.   And soon, we find our demands have placed us in a position that demands we protect what we know and never really admit what we don’t.

The characteristics of religion are the same and we are forced to accept ideology by the constraints of time.  Defending our precious or a box of jewels.  We love to solve the problems, even when the challenge is the platform or language we choose for the solution to a given problem.  Not the actual problem itself.  It is this dynamic that sets in motion the faithful.  It is this dynamic we need to divest our future workers and manages of.  This way the devout can question and invite in solutions and management / organisations will understand.  Fear will reduced.  Options will be increased.  Peace will have a chance in the hallowed infrastructural of our futures.  For when our systems are grown, this period of our technical social evolution will seem like a distant memory.

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