Software Patent Proponents Win Debate

Debating the pros and cons of software patents

Software Patent Proponents Win Debate

Intellectual Property rights need be maintained.  While not a perfect system it does protect the rights of inovation.  Such protection affords more innovation.  There are many arguments for why Software Patents are not good.  In that debate I do not agree with the Free Software Foundation (FSF) position.   My reasons have been expressed in a recent Churchill Great Debate.  We made our case and shifted audience awareness to our position.  Some have called that a win.  For this time I call it a good first step.  They claim freedom.  I claim freedom of choice.  Understand your rights and make better choices.  Its not an “OR” it’s an “AND” Else we all stand to lose.

I am attaching the media links here.  I will post the Youtube link when it’s available so you can see the entire debate and decide for yourself.  In future posts I will be surfacing concepts and links that attempt to balance this topic away from the dogmatic view the FSF holds today.  Stay tuned.

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