Technology – in and out

Technology and expertise can lead to success or failure.  Quickly.

There are two types of technology.  Customer facing and inwardly facing.

Being an expert in one does not make you an expert in the other.  Being a technology company does not mean you can choose the best technology for your company.

Example:  Its time to deploy a CRM system

Q: Is the CRM internal or external to your business?

Q: Is the information you’re using sales or service driven?

Q: Do you have a set plan for escalation of issues or opportunities?

Q: Have you thought of the business process related to the change you want this technology to effect?

Q: If you are a online company, does your online offering interact with your CRM system?

The example and questions are designed to show it’s not a cut and dried application.  Accounting packages are pretty clear.  They are inside technology.  Sales and CRM systems may or may not be.  Service ticket systems should be externally facing as much as possible.

Technology applied correctly is a time saver.  It can reduce costs while increasing revenue.  It takes a blueprint.  Do you have yours?

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