An entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterpriseventure or idea and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome. [Wikipedia]

By this definition, you might say you are an entrepreneur when you get married and raise a family.  A parent is definitely an entrepreneur.  It really is the inherent risks and outcomes that define the start of any venture.

A new business is similar to life in many ways.  We all go through it.  We all have experience in it.  We all have some level of success.  And when we have children, most of us make it work.  So, why is it we all say, where is the manual?  Where is the manual for a good marriage?  Where is the manual for children?  Why is it we feel so comfortable being a life entrepreneur taking risks for outcomes, but so unconcerned with having a blueprint for what some will say is your most entrepreneurial adventure ever?  In the end, you’re a life entrepreneur answering to yourself and your family.  But unlike a business, when you create a family, it will have your back, no matter what.

We start a business like a family and create products like our children, but a business has stakeholders that question your choices, doubt your ideas, and in the end, might even call your baby ugly.  That’s a horrible risk to take when your income and livelihood are on the line.  Unlike raising a family, you can be fired or fail.  A business will not have your back no matter what.

I am an entrepreneur, and I decided to help entrepreneurs like myself, the people who start, restart, spinout, and take the risk for the challenge and rewards that come with a new enterprise, venture or idea.  I have done that my whole career in companies, starting companies, funding and exiting companies. I have been a success and a failure.  While there are no manuals for raising a family, for a business, there are so many tools to help an entrepreneur.  There are guides, teachers, rules, books, methods, measurements and other things that will get you through the challenge. We should be able to focus on making that business and product a success while enjoying our family life.  It just takes a village.

So, welcome to the family of entrepreneurs.  You’re in business; you’re reading this looking for something.  You found it.  Reduce your risk and increase your rewards.  Create revenue and manage expenses while building high performance teams to execute.  Lay out your blueprint.  Speak clearly to your stakeholders as if they were your partner(s).  If you need 2bClear, call us.

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