Prospecting from existing customers simplified

This sales process is to accomplish one task.  Get more business from old customers.  You can apply it to other business processes also.

  1. Speak to your customer(s) and ask if they would refer you. Simple as that.
      1. Get names and numbers
      2. Ask about your products and enjoy the relationship you build

This has direct benefits:

  • A reason to call and connect
  • Customer to feel connected to you and the brand

If the answer is yes, follow-up with these three questions

  • What value have we brought you?
  • How can we help you in making a referral?
  • How can we insure you get credit?

Simple and clear,  right?  Ok, maybe too simple.  Here were some valid questions.

What happens if they say no to a referral?

You have more market data.  Note it in your contact database and move on.  Some people just don’t like to refer others.

What happens if it was a lost account?

You can get very important market data from missed accounts.  This data can sometimes create a second chance.  Assume that they took your call because there was interest.  The other company  you lost that order to may have failed in some way is no longer in business.  This can open the door for you to “clean up” a mess for them or take over a stale account.  Sometimes at higher margins.

Don’t be afraid of rejection!

You were bold enough to start your company.  Bold enough to reach out the first time.  Now be bold enough to go back and follow up.  If you can get just 1 new customer for every 3 you had, think of that improves your cost of customer acquisition.  It’s a win / win done well.  So get out there as ask for that referral today.  If you want more on this kind of strategy check out

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