Entrepreneurs how-to guide

The world still uses Slide Decks, but they are not required.  It’s just a bad habit!  Have you ever seen a meeting request that says:  “If you don’t have a slide deck you will not be allowed to present”.  I think not.  Here is the short advice.

  • Verify a slide deck is wanted
    • If so, send it ahead but don’t present it
    • If not, profit!
  • Open the floor up to Q&A first off, but never say “I want this to be a dialog”  Present or Q&A, not both!
  • Learn to present well, be persuasive, and focus on the delivery of your message
  • Make your introduction impactful.  You are always selling

Keep your deck for stage presentations and leave behinds.  Try it out.  You will be surprised.


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