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Camera’s everywhere! The age of DropCam and dropping dead.

There are exactly 2 reasons to install this fantastic product in a home. Peace of mind Visual confirmation There are exactly 2 reasons to be leery of this fantastic product in a home. Witnessing a tragic event Visual confirmation Nanny cams have brought us the age of comfort and security for our children. DropCam and […]

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Call for Whatchamacallit!

Dear religious fanatics of all kinds, I am personally and morally offended with any representations of religious figures or figurines in public.  Period. As a secularist I demand a Whatchamacallit! We need our own movement to stop being oppressed by oppressors. A Whatchamacallit is our moral proclamation of war against those who bombard us with […]

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Problem or Opportunity

Today, is a special day.  I was asked to changed my previous lecture, which is all prepared and ready to go from last year.  A new format is presented. Problem or Opportunity? I’ll take opportunity.  Starting today, I am going to document the process of hearing a problem and creating an opportunity.  I will be […]

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The state of Internet comments in a nutshell

I have done an “exhaustive” study of the Internet and product reviews. Here are my key findings captured in comment quotes: 1) “Can’t wait to get one!” 2) “This rocks, other product “X” sucks” 3) “Costs too much” 4) “You’re a fanboy, nooo… you’re a bigger fan boy” 5) “Its simple… (insert senseless technical and […]

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Pwned Context

I just created this page on Sucker Marketing though Facebook.  It’s a sad reality that my satire is now the top post on my site.  In less than 10 minutes.  What does that say about us and our current social media problems? It says that we don’t understand how very limiting this will become.  When […]

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