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How many people fall for these social gimmicks?  Too many!

A couple thousand people have taken the quiz as of Friday; so far the average worth per person is about $50 to Facebook.

This is my little protest page to the flurry of marketing gimmicks that suck people in.  It’s free data mining.

“It’s a tool for advertisers to understand us better masquerading as a tool for us to understand ourselves better,” says Aram Sinnreich, a media professor at Rutgers University and author of The Piracy Crusade: How the Music Industry’s War on Sharing Destroys Markets and Erodes Civil Liberties.

Why do people scream about privacy when they are so willing to give up precious information to these silly marketing sites.  You are doing far more harm to yourself by taking these silly tests then using Facebook itself.

“These [types of sites] are data-mining havens where users willingly opt-in from the very beginning,” says Ryan Jacobson, an attorney and cochair of the Entertainment Media and Privacy Law Group at the law firm SmithAmundsen in Chicago. “I’m afraid that the average user fails to recognize or take the time to understand what privacy rights he or she is actually giving up by responding.”

So why do we do it?

Experts say the phenomenon isn’t surprising given the age-old fascination with that central question — “Who AM I?” — and a desire to compare ourselves with others in a social media-obsessed society.

So what to do about it?

Minority-Report-Movie-Predictive-ProgrammingStop.  Stop creating the incentive for Facebook or any other medium to fill our vision with this stuff.  Stop now or our future will be more like Minority report than can imagine.  Taking tests to find out who you are is eroding who you could be.  Stop the programming trying to find out who you are.  Be yourself, and create content and stop being a willing consumer.  Or, don’t complain.

The Age of Context will not be so much about you, but who they tell you are.  Think of how cheap the marketing will you already agree!

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