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Email detail

I seem to write or post about email management all the time.  I am sometimes called out for my bad habits too.  Last night I was mentoring on another topic and out came the email tips and tricks again.  So, let’s have another round of that favorite topic, email etiquette. First things first – SLOW DOWN! […]

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Software Patent Proponents Win Debate

Debating the pros and cons of software patents Software Patent Proponents Win Debate Intellectual Property rights need be maintained.  While not a perfect system it does protect the rights of inovation.  Such protection affords more innovation.  There are many arguments for why Software Patents are not good.  In that debate I do not agree with the […]

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Misplaced Loyalty – The Dirty Dozen

Please visit this link : CEOTOCEO for a great read. “The Dirty Dozen:   I’m finding that there are a dozen distractions I encounter most often. I’m calling them “The Dirty Dozen.” For each, I’ll present how I’ve seen the distraction present itself, how it’s caused the greatest damage, and what the key strategy is to mitigate the distraction. I […]

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An entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or idea and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome. [Wikipedia] By this definition, you might say you are an entrepreneur when you get married and raise a family.  A parent is definitely an entrepreneur.  It really is the inherent risks and outcomes […]

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