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Virtual Reality and PTSD

Over the next couple of months I will be exploring the potential impact of hashtag#vrptsd. Products like StrongMind for hashtag#PTSD are vital and a perfect application for treatment. My focus will be on the how new hashtag#virtualreality applications can cause PTSD or other more harmful side effects. While this might seem like a gaming problem, […]

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Camera’s everywhere! The age of DropCam and dropping dead.

There are exactly 2 reasons to install this fantastic product in a home. Peace of mind Visual confirmation There are exactly 2 reasons to be leery of this fantastic product in a home. Witnessing a tragic event Visual confirmation Nanny cams have brought us the age of comfort and security for our children. DropCam and […]

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The state of Internet comments in a nutshell

I have done an “exhaustive” study of the Internet and product reviews. Here are my key findings captured in comment quotes: 1) “Can’t wait to get one!” 2) “This rocks, other product “X” sucks” 3) “Costs too much” 4) “You’re a fanboy, nooo… you’re a bigger fan boy” 5) “Its simple… (insert senseless technical and […]

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The Acronym Alliance posts Cyan alert

The Alliance has determined a pervasive and increasing threat.  Individuals are moving around and creating a prime security threat.  This ongoing behavior is causing us to expend precious resources tracking and predictioning simulations.  We have been forced to issue this Cyan alert to inform the public and inspire self reactive response in the populace.  In this report to congress, we […]

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Internet Pillow from Google, Apple and Samsung in Q1 2015

Pillow technology is the next big frontier!  Yes, the humble pillow is just waiting to be revolutionized and fully enabled.  It is the closest thing to our heart, at least when we are in bed.  So many types and styles, so little technology.  From a simple neck pillow, which could have surround sound, to the […]

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